Ethical principles

Ethical principles

AIPM member companies and anyone acting on their behalf recognize their responsibility to society. On this basis, they accept and undertake to fulfill the requirements of the AIPM Code of Practice (the «Code») and to follow it not only in letter but also in spirit being guided by the patients’ interests.

AIPM member companies should strive to observe the rules of fair competition in their activities and to refrain from harming the image, position, or economic interests of competitors through any improper conduct, including but not limited to, inappropriate advertising or any other unfair methods of promoting pharmaceutical products.

AIPM member companies carry out their activities in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the law of the Eurasian Economic Union, and accept the obligation to comply with the requirements established by this Code.

AIPM member companies shall make efforts to promote the Code in order for it to be correctly understood and applied both by their own employees and by other representatives of the pharmaceutical community of the Russian Federation.

AIPM member companies seek to further develop the standards of the Code, among other things, by suggesting relevant updates, additions, and modifications to its requirements.

Company whose interests are affected is entitled to invoke the procedure for Review of Complaints and Disputes established by this Code. However, the AIPM member companies are under the obligation to try to settle their dispute themselves before applying to the AIPM.